Monday, November 28, 2011

So we're totally crazy!

This? Is Bella. The latest four-legged addition to our family. Please join me and welcome her to our household. Isn't she so precious? And sweet looking? She is just that - honestly. I'm sure having her around will be one of the best things for our crew - I can tell it already.

And as for me? Well, I'll develop a few gray hairs in the process, I am sure.

Today was our first day home, me, the kid, the dogs and the cats (who? right. More on them later!) and we've had a pretty good day. The pups just got a bit crazy now, but we've been outside a LOT, which is excellent. And good for us all.

Fresh air. Sunshine. Vitamin D. Melatonin. Rainy winds. Mud. Dirt. Running. Laughing. Loads of fun.

What more can a family need - right?