Monday, July 4, 2011

Turtle Rescue!

The kiddo and my husband were out on Sunday morning and they came across a turtle in the road. So, what did they do? They rescued it - of course!

Hubby pulled the Jeep on over, picked up Mister Turtle (or perhaps Miss?) and brought him/her over to the kiddo before setting the lil fella (sounds so much cuter if it was a he, doesn't it?) on his way.

Here's the single shot that he took and I had to share here ...

Scavenger Hunt Around the 'Hood

After going a little stir crazy the other day I decided it was cool enough to head outside for a little bit and needed to come up with something to do after we got bored with bubbles.

What better way to occupy ourselves on a short but fun walk than an outdoor scavenger hunt?

We made a list (and I used it to teach spelling and letter sounds) and came up with things like:

* rocks

* sticks

* flowers

* grass

* leaves

And whatever else we came up with. I made sure to have our list and a pen in my pocket as we walked down the street looking for treasure.

Here are some pictures of our finds:

I especially love the way I edited this last picture to have an "old photo" feel, as the table was my parents' old kitchen table and is now ours. Those rounded edges just seem to work, don't they?

So if you're looking for something to do with your little ones, just head outside and see what Mama Nature has in store for you every single day!