Monday, June 27, 2011

I've been OOT!

But I wanted to say that while I was away my husband did a more than incredible job at getting our kiddo outdoors. Apparently they hit the zoo one day (hours and hours of outdoor fun)! And then they were blowing bubbles outside (we even did a little bit of this yesterday, which gave me MY fifteen minutes), kicking around a soccer ball and so much more.

Anyway - here are a few pictures of our New York trip. I'm way slack as I was not blogging while I was away, and skipped a bit before I left, too, but plan to get back on track this week, if only for myself!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Working backwards ...

So yesterday we went to a friend's house for a playdate. We walked over (outside time!) because they live down the street from us. The girls played bubbles a bit and then we made our way into the backyard where they spent some time playing tag, digging around the fairyland sandbox created by mom (it's adorable!) and did some running, jumping, sliding and refreshing with water after.

Then last night when my husband got home we took a nice stroll, and even took Dexter with us. Fortunately it was cool enough outside. Here's hoping the nights - and even the days - stay that way!

Wednesday was a pretty mellow indoors kind of day, but we more than made up for that yesterday, and the day before. And the day before that, too. She did get outside a bit by herself, which is also fine by me. She didn't do too much out there, but probably had just about fifteen minutes before she came back inside.

Tuesday we took a nighttime stroll, which was nice. It's the perfect time of night to get out, after seven, as it's cool enough and nobody is really around. Except for our neighbors. Which is fine, as our daughter loves their little boy. And he really is too cute.

Monday was our first day back in NC after a long drive home the day before, so we were out and about in the Jeep quite a bit. And she had some water table/hose time outside, which was (and usually is) great fun for her. It cools her down and it's a lot of fun splashing around like that. Even if it is [supposed to be] from the waist up! We also hit the bookstore and walked around the shopping center there while hubby caught a movie. Kiddo and I walked for ice cream, and then did a little bit of shopping, and more walking - but not too much. It did get warm out there.

I still need to load the NY pictures, but we definitely had lots of outdoors time captured on film. Between my mom and I, we're bound to have some fun shots to share. Looking forward to seeing them again myself, and on an object larger than a camera screen.

Find yourself that fifteen minutes and get out that door! :)

As for me, for today, we'll stay in for a bit and head out later when it cools down some.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More like days ...

Our fifteen minutes has been more like day after day after day.

We're in NY right now, and the time outside has been unlimited. Odd, no? In that normally you'd think the opposite and consider that we might be outdoors more back home in the South. But not so much when it comes to that crazy heat. But Brooklyn is giving the Triangle a run for its money. With a 98 or 99 degree forecast for tomorrow. Holy cow!

We've kept pretty busy round here. With a trip to the park and playground on Monday with my dad, brand new soccer ball in tow! And yesterday we hit Coney Island. And man, it was hot! With what should have been a capital "H"! Whew!

After the rides and the craziness, we went to the boardwalk for a bit and then missy wanted to hit the playground on the beach. Yes, a small area with a slide and some climbing spots IN the sand. Don't worry, I took pictures - so I'll be sure to share at some point.

It's been lots of fun, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was ready to hang up my hat (that I so haven't been wearing but probably should have yesterday!) and stay indoors for a bit. So that is the agenda for today!

Stay cool. but don't forget your fifteen minutes outside whenever you can fit them in! For us today's should cover walking the dog (he's getting loads of fifteen minutes in every day up here!) and a stroll over to all get our nails done. Which I'm sure will be lots of fun, as well.

Bye for now!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fry an egg on the sidewalk HOT!

Ugh. It is so friggin hot down here it's ridiculous. Seriously. I'm losing my mind with the heat. I kid you not, but I wish I were. Whew.

Yesterday we didn't play outside, but she got a lot of fun painting and Lego time in. Better than how today has been, which has mostly been TV and computer time. Not cool, I know. But seriously it's so hot out there I probably COULD fry an egg on the sidewalk. If I were able to tolerate looking at eggs that long. Blech.

But we did get out of the house yesterday. So that was a good thing. Hubby picked us up and we were headed to Chili's for dinner as it was Kids Eat Free night. And they even had a balloon artist there. Pretty cool, right? Yeah, it was. Especially since we were indoors.
Ha. I'm punny ...

But as we took off in the Jeep, top up but windows and sides down
(technically that could be considered outside, if you look at it thoroughly, right?) we spot a small Jack Russell walking down the street. Just strolling along by itself.

My husband and I looked at one another and he backed the truck up. OK, the Jeep, but you get me ... and he called to the pup and she came over and hung with us as we tried to contact her owner. No luck after two voicemails, so we went back to the house and got our leash, held onto her that way and ultimately ended up with our fifteen minutes outside rescuing a lost pupster and walking her home to her mama.

Her name was Jackie, and if I had been quick enough I would have snapped a quick shot of her with my phone. But I didn't. Plus, Dexter would have been way jealous, I'm sure.

Anyway - that was that. And if it happens to cool down at all tonight then maybe we'll be lucky and have an opportunity for a walk. Cause man, this heat is a killer!