Sunday, October 16, 2011

Almost a month!

How awful! I cannot believe I let a month go by without updating with some new shots of the kiddo. My major bad!

We have had some outside time, which has been nice, and fall is here (sometimes) in NC. It's not all the time, but we're getting there. Last night was nice and cool and I loved it. We took an evening walk, just the two of us, as her daddy is up in bed (appendectomy last week) recuperating.

She was chilly, so we grabbed a sweater for her and then she was good to go. I think she would have stayed out there all night, so my plan is to walk tonight, as well. If anything, she fell asleep pretty quickly, so that might have helped - right? Can't hurt to try again and see!

So, here are a few shots of us picking out pumpkins:

See how strong she is? It was pretty funny to watch her try to pull these pumpkins. I could barely do it myself! Good thing we went when we did or we would have been pumpkin-less this year.

Stay tuned as I hope to do a Halloween flashback post to see how much she has grown over the years. Should be cute to look at. Once I get it done ...

Happy not quite yet Halloween ... I promise to get back before the 31st!