Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Whole Month!

Can you tell it is summertime here in NC? It's so danged hot that I don't even think straight - let alone about being outside for any extended period of time. Sigh.

So I totally fell off and slacked on the creative moments for my little one. Indoors we're sitting in front of the TV a little too long. And outdoors we're pretty much running indoors when we can after a short stint in the summer heat.

We did do a few fun things over the last four weeks, though, despite my not taking the time to document them as they were happening.

One of our typical weekend Jeep rides:

The kiddo took her first flight from New York to North Carolina and I took one picture before take-off and one when we were in the air:

So here's hoping it cools down a bit and maybe we get to do some more fun and exciting things outdoors. But in the meantime we're sticking to indoor playdates and (as we did last weekend) bowling.

Hope you're all staying cool somehow!

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