Friday, May 27, 2011

Day two!

I am so proud of myself. I even took pictures (but hang tight, I'll try to post picture recaps on the weekends, if I can remember to do so!) today.

First, it's a crazy rainy day out there. But the child decided she wanted to get out. So we went out back for a bit, but the dog was flipping out. As he is likely to do when the winds are whipping and thunder is booming in the distance. So I decided it'd be better to go out front, shut the door behind us and enjoy the looming weather from our porch.

So we did, for a while, but every time a drip of rain came down, she ran for shelter. We had on rain boots (I still need a pair, and I covet these shown below - but for now I wore my husband's black ones), raincoat - her /windbreaker - me and I was armed with the camera.

And I took some cute shots of her in her coat, dress, leggings and boots. Mostly dry shots. Because of course, when we stepped back out later and the rain was streaming down in buckets (or in what would have filled buckets, had we had any) I left the camera inside. And it was then I was most proud of myself. Because I let my beautiful four-year-old-daughter stomp in mud puddles and get fully soaked to the bone. I let her pull back her hood and enjoy the fresh raindrops splashing onto her face. And I didn't even flinch when she stared straight up and caught the water on her tongue.

"Rain tastes like water!" she shouted.

"It is! It is water!" I shouted back, from my mostly dry spot on the porch.

This time I didn't prepare myself to come out. I left my windbreaker inside, sure that since she fled from the mini-shower a moment or two before, she wouldn't be interested and would come back in immediately. She proved me wrong! And it was fun. And yes, I did run off the porch and into the storm for a moment or two myself, because you know what? I love the rain!

And I hate umbrellas ... but I really want those rain boots!

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